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Thursday, July 7th 2022
Welcome to my channel. Are you wondering what in the world is happening? If so, you came to the right place. Since I was a little child my favorite question has been (and still is): Why? At 76 years of age, I have found irrefutable answers to many of the questions we all ask ourselves about 5 dominant areas: life in general and the political, financial, economic, and religious systems. I want to share these with you. But first, this one most important issue must be considered VERY SERIOUSLY: many times, you and I have made wrong decisions in our lifetime! And every human being on earth has had the same experience. In the end, we cannot trust our own reasoning in spite of our most profound convictions. By extension, will you agree that we cannot trust anyone else's reasoning either? Six thousand years of recorded history of the cycles of war, peace, poverty, riches, genocide, crime, life, death, love, hate, divorce, etc., proves Man's inability to govern himself. This places mankind in a terrible predicament and raises this question: Are there real answers to our most personal problems and all of humanity's problems? Isn't there more to life than this mess of a world? The good news, there is. If you are like the majority of human beings, you believe there is a Creator somewhere. If you are an atheist, I understand you very well; I walked in your shoes until age 32. I have answers for you too. We'll talk about evolution and creation on this channel as well. Today, world leaders and scientists are working to turn man into a cyborg, part man, and part computer by inserting artificial intelligence in the body, and by modifying the DNA to arrive at eliminating disease and death. They call this the next step in evolution. Based on his past record, should we trust man to save humanity? So here are two very important questions to answer: WHAT IS THE CREATOR DOING IN ALL OF THIS? And WHAT IS YOUR FINAL AUTHORITY? Earlier I used the word "irrefutable" because at least there are truths that can be discovered. The beautiful thing about truth is that it can only be accepted or rejected but never refuted. Because of this, TRUTH is my most important pursuit. Welcome to my channel.